Sunday, December 21, 2008

Some Famous Landmarks

Have you seen that documentary called The Bridge? It's all about people who have jumped off of The Golden Gate Bridge to their deaths.

It is horribly sad. It inspired me to write a song about people who chose to kill themselves. But not so simply, the people in my song aspire to take their final steps from famous landmarks.

Some famous landmarks

Lila is waiting across from The Louvre
She clutches a knife but she does not move
Then she’ll saunter inside
And gouge out the eyes of The…
Mona Lisa

She climbs to the top of The Eiffel Tower
She’s promised that this would be her finest hour
Then one final goodbye
And she’ll no longer try to be
A good girl

Now she’s falling
She’s falling
She’s smiling
She’s smiling
She’s laughing
She’s laughing

The Golden Gate Bridge is a great work of art
It leads to a city full of broken hearts
And Tom’s no exception
A real wall of rejection and he’s
A virgin

His feet are so cold and his eyes are so dead
He thinks of a story he’d recently read
He leans on the rail
A small baby fell


Built by a famous Chinese architect
A real womanizer though you’d never suspect
Only twelve stories tall
But perfect for Paul ‘cause he’s
Not too picky

Everyone knows that people can’t fly
But it’s really quite easy to soar through the sky
Just one tiny step
And the secrets you kept are
All forgotten

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