Sunday, December 21, 2008

One Day Trip

I was reading this review on a book by English photographer Martin Parr called One Day Trip. It is a book that I myself own which I love, so I was inspired to write a song about it, using actual quotes from the review which is quite good. The review is from a site called, Photo Book Guide, and if I could find the author of the piece I would surely credit him here and now. Well, anyway, here's the song and some pictures from the book.

One Day Trip

Between the white Cliffs of Dover and Calais
The thrifty English go to play
The lads are off to save on Stella Artois and Boddingtons

They don’t have to travel real far
And they get their pictures taken by Martin Parr
They pose for snaps with piss dripping down their legs

They sing, “Thank you Maggie,” and they always say “Please”
For chopping off our legs just below the knees
It’s just another holiday in France

One day trip
We’re going on a one day trip
We’ll have a drink but just a wee nip
As we’re going on a one day trip

Excuse me sir but could I borrow your wheelchair
As you can plainly see I’ve got no more room there
And I’ve already broken a few bottles of red wine

It’s amazing what one will do to save on taxes
It’s amazing but the simple fact is
We’d have to pay triple that back home

That one’s an accountant, and she’s a go-go dancer
And his mom’s in Luton dying of cancer
Boy don’t forget your dear ma’s cigarettes

One day trip
We’re going on a one day trip
Awful lot of drunkards on one bloody ship
Going off on a one day trip

We don’t blow 20 quid to cross the channel any more
Why when we can get it cheaper from an on-line store
And thank god for Tesco’s

We don’t spend the day with the English set
Instead it’s off to the Costa del Brava on a bright orange Easyjet
But it was good for a laugh

Nothing sadder and funnier than a good English drunk
The queen is dead and so is punk
I guess we’ll always have Glasgow

One day trip
We’re going on a one day trip
One last bottle and one last sip
We’re going on a one day trip

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