Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bonnie Parker or Eleanor Roosevelt

If I were a girl…
Would a few extra pounds be a crime?
Would I love without reason or without rhyme?
Would my bra straps show all the time?
Would I…could I ever be passed my prime?

If I were a girl…
Would I use even half of my brain?
Would I run off with a man to Spain?
Would I be the ball or the chain?
Would the storm inside me ever wane?

If I were a girl…
Would I shirk at the first wrinkle in my hand?
Would I beckon at your command?
On my deathbed will I finally understand?
Would I ever truly need a man?

If I were a girl…
Would I fall for every trend and every fad?
Would I Read every single Cosmo ad?
Would I Yearn for yet another drunken cad?
…or the father that I never had?

If I were a girl…
Would it be the house of pity where I dwelled?
Would I deserve every hand I was ever dealt?
Would I own every feeling that I ever felt?
Would I be Bonnie Parker or Eleanor Roosevelt?

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