Monday, April 28, 2008

The Precise Moment

i should know the precise moment when you stopped loving me
only today i recognized that you might
you could have been gone now for all i know
i might have woken up like in some sad country song to find a cold cup of coffee and tire marks in the gravel
instead we walk down the same windy streets
we finger the same books
at the same book store
everything is the same
but your lips are a little colder
they forsake your quiet unspoken truth
i recognize their frigidity
yet in bed at night while you sleep i kiss your back
i wonder if in your slumber
are my lips cold too?
do they chill you to the bone?
figuring into the folds of your legs i seek the warmth that we still share
oh god please dont ever leave me
oh god please love me the way you did before

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