Saturday, April 19, 2008

3/4 time

Four beats to the measure

But when the measure is different…

What if ya need more time

Do ya just do with what ya have?

Settle for less?

Be less?

I love a waltz

It’s best for dancing

You can hook your hip around it softer

You can sway and take up much more room on the dance floor

You will need it

I do love a waltz

Everyone loves a waltz don’t they?

Put your face deeper into the crook of love

Hide away in the darkness?

Make everything go away

I love a waltz

Doesn’t everyone?

i love a waltz like i love a cliche

i am the biggest cliche that ever shook his ass on a dance floor

it is a place for an ass to be an ass and to stop counting



Yes ¾’s for me

Give me less

And I will try to not take more

But if I do, it wont matter

Because everyone makes excuses for me

Even if I am not

Even if I don’t believe I need to

¾ is just perfect

it’s just perfect

and everyone loves a waltz

everyone loves a waltz

…everyone loves a waltz…

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