Friday, August 31, 2007

John Cale

John Cale has written some of the most beautiful, most intellectually challenging, and flat out rockin' music I have ever had both pleasure and displeasure hearing. And even though he's a raging cunt with an ego larger than his tour bus, (see footnote) he still, for me, remains one of my favorite songwriters of all time. His melodies are truly unmatched, his sense of literary tradition in lyrical narrative is brilliant, and his imagery will make you think you're floating on a soft silvery cloud.

footnote; Mr. Cale did an in-store performance in San Francisco and nearly threw a record at a very sweet friend of mine when asked for an autograph. Total cunt!


Inverarity said...

Hi. I run a Cale blog. I appreciate your dialectical description of our friend (though it seems to me the soft silvery cloud is often mushroom-shaped). May I ask when that incident occurred?

He did have a bad decade and some starting in 1974, but I think I read complaints from the 2003 tour as well. I haven't met him, but he certainly doesn't seem the friendliest chap. Assholes seem to create the best art, though.

carol the aphid eater said...

hey there! thanks for your comment. it was last year with the black acetate tour at amoeba music in s.f. jerk! jerk! jerk! my friend and i had seen him the night before and were on cloud nine he was so good. so we decided to check out the in-store the next day. after the incident, we both gave our tickets away to friends for that night's show.

carol the aphid eater said...

oh, my friend Ratzo did a record with John Cale. i dont think it's a very good one though. slow dazzle.

Inverarity said...

Slow Dazzle's not one of my favorites, but it's pretty good anyway. Thanks for the anecdotes.