Friday, August 31, 2007

Cries and Whispers

Cries and Whispers (Swedish: Viskningar och rop) is a 1973 Swedish film about two sisters who watch over their third sister on her deathbed; both afraid she might die, but both hoping she does. The film was written and directed by Ingmar Bergman. It stars Harriet Andersson, Kari Sylwan, Ingrid Thulin and Liv Ullmann.
This movie is one seamless and truly sublime psychological experiment. you wait, along with all the others for death. And then, when it comes, nothing really changes. until finally, suddenly this big slug to the belly comes and you nearly double over with grief. And it's exactly like that in real life, which makes this movie both masterpiece and miracle. How the hell does he do that? Unlike other Bergman movies, Cries and Whispers is saturated, thanks to long time cinematographer Sven Nykvist, in a deep crimson that envelopes and wraps around you like a death shroud. Which brings us back to the miracle part. The thing is, you've had it wrapped around you the entire time, you warm yourself with it, you subconsciously attempt to obscure the inevitable. But then comes the sock to the stomach and life is knocked right out of you.
For anyone who has not experienced the inscrutable pain of loss, this movie will either comfort you, or leave you wishing you were dead.

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