Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Diplomat Part One

I'm an all American boy
And that means I've got my shit together
An all American boy
I'm prepared at all times and in all states of weather
No one sees through my masque
or the thin ray of light that leaks out my eye
I don't take and I don't ask
I always bounce back, try after try
An all American boy
I see past the truth and I make things happen
It's a life I sometimes enjoy
I've got god on my side like all true madmen
Mad? Did I say mad?
Well it's not really exactly what I meant
And, if I may add?
Silly me! What am I saying? That's not what I meant!
My ruddy cheeks and crooked smile
Are well worth the wait and even the price
A master in the art of denial
A nod of the head will usually suffice

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