Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ad Reinhardt

An Artist, A Fine-Artist or Free-Artist

An artist, a fine-artist or free-artist,

An artist-as-artist,

Has always nothing to say,

And he must say this over and over again.

Especially in his work

What else is there to say?

In work or words

What in hell, on earth, or in heaven, is an artist up to

when he says he has something to say?

All artists-as artists say the same thing

The post- historic artist is the timeless artist-as artist.

The artist-as-artist is the post-historic artist.

The post-historic artist is the

artist aware of himself as artist,

aware of art-as-art,

aware of everything that is not art in art,

inside or outside art.

The only way to say what an artist- as - artist is

is to say what an artist- as - artist is not.

A fine artist by definition is not a commercial

or industrial or fashion

or applied or useful artist.

A fine, free or liberal or abstract artist

is by definition not a servile

or professional or meaningful artist.

A fine artist has no use for use,

no meaning for meaning,

no need for any need.

A fine artist has nothing to use,

has no need for any meaning,

and would not use himself or his work for anything

A fine artist by definition

does not use or need any ideas or images,

does not use or need any help,

cannot use or help anyone or anything.

Only a bad artist thinks he has a good idea.

A good artist does not need anything.

From Art as Art, The selected writings of Ad Reinhardt (undated)

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